Alert St. Philip Neri Campus will be limited to faculty, staff, students and essential visitors (deliveries, service vendors) only. Thank you for adhering to these new COVID-19 guidelines. Now Enrolling for 2021-2022!

Health and Safety on Campus

Q: What type of masks are permitted?

Masks are mandatory for all students and faculty during the 2020-2021 school year, and incorporated into the student uniform policy. They may remove the mask outside for breaks or recess if they maintain appropriate social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Anyone (student or employee) not wearing a mask while on campus will be sent home. Under no circumstances should anyone ever share a mask!  All students, faculty and staff will have access to an extra mask if needed.  Students who are not comfortable wearing a mask for the entire time they are on campus, should opt for full-time distance learning.  Non-St. Philip Neri branded masks are allowed; however, they must be kept to solid colors or basic patterns (no logos or inappropriate graphics will be permitted). 

Q: What type of masks are permitted?

Three layer cloth masks will be mandatory for all students and employees on campus (as shown on the CDC website). Bandanas, buffs, etc. are not permitted.  PPE is on hand for the nurse and any staff who will need to use it throughout the day.  Extra masks and gloves are available if required for all students and faculty who have not arrived on campus with PPE for their own use.

Q: Will masks be available for purchase?

St. Philip Neri branded masks will be available for purchase through our Home & School Association. We are still working on the details on how to view, purchase and retrieving these items.

Q: What Social Distancing practices have been put in place?

Until further notice, all volunteers or outside visitors in the building will be discouraged.

Social distancing guidelines will be in place according to CDC and MSDE in the spacing of furniture and the movements of people in the building throughout the day.

Directional signage will be used throughout the building.

Sanitization stations will be located throughout the building and in each classroom.