Alert St. Philip Neri Campus will be limited to faculty, staff, students and essential visitors (deliveries, service vendors) only. Thank you for adhering to these new COVID-19 guidelines. Now Enrolling for 2021-2022!

Operations & Sanitization

Q: Who, ultimately, makes the final decision regarding St. Philip Neri’s reopening?

We are under the directive of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  In the event of a state-wide school closure, we are prepared to implement a full distance learning model.  

Q: Will there be a reduction in tuition if full distance learning is in place?

Due to the cost of COVID related mitigation and continued operating expenses we are unable to reduce tuition for the 2020-2021 school year.  As an independent school of the Archdiocese of Baltimore we are reliant on tuition and philanthropy to pay salaries and benefits, maintain our facilities and cover COVID related costs.  

Q: What hygiene and cleaning protocols will be implemented?

Proper sanitization of classrooms will occur between classes.  This includes the cleaning of desks, chairs and other high touch areas.  Furniture made of fabric material has been removed and replaced with wipeable surfaces.  Sanitization of bathrooms and other shared spaces will also occur regularly.  

St. Philip Neri is currently revising all cleaning procedures to ensure daily cleaning of high touch areas and evening cleaning to adhere to CDC cleaning standards.  The COVID cleaning protocols and products will meet CDC and OSHA standards. 

Q: How will hand hygiene be addressed?

Hand hygiene will be encouraged and properly enforced throughout the day.  Hand hygiene stations will be in every classroom and other high touch areas, and educational materials will be posted in each restroom. 

Q: How will St. Philip Neri ensure students and employees aren't intentionally exposing others?

Please note that intentionally exposing others to illness (e.g., intentionally sneezing, coughing at another individual) will not be tolerated and will be met with appropriate consequences as discussed in the student handbook.

Q: How many students will be permitted in each classroom?

Class size will be determined by square footage and space for proper social distancing in each classroom. We have been approved for up to 25 students in a classroom for grade K – 8. In PreK we follow the state Child Care guidelines of no more than 15 in the room which includes students and staff.