Alert St. Philip Neri Campus will be limited to faculty, staff, students and essential visitors (deliveries, service vendors) only. Thank you for adhering to these new COVID-19 guidelines. Now Enrolling for 2021-2022!

Remote Instruction

Q: How will a typical day for a remote learning student look like with all of these new protocols?

Students will be expected to maintain the hours of a normal school day and to be in uniform.  Attendance will be taking daily.

Teachers will create sessions for students to sign in according to the daily schedule that will be posted before school on the website.

Students will log in and watch the teacher’s live instruction on the new sound board/cameras that were installed over the summer.  The teacher can then assign work to class and students at home to complete off-camera and sign back in for the next session of instruction.

Floorplans of classroom spaces will accommodate a table or cart for the camera to be on as the teacher presents, so students can see the teacher and board (blackboard, Dry-Erase, SMART or interactive Flat Panel.)

Students at home will have the same supplies, materials, and texts as those in school.  All remote learners will be provided a school Chromebook or iPad.

Students at home will be provided the same assignments as those students in class. Teachers will provide assignments to be completed remotely as the students in class complete the same assignment. For art, you may
want to have construction paper available at home to complete assignments. We also ask that all students have a sketch notebook.

Remote learns will be expected to complete assignments and assessments according to the same deadlines as in school learners.

Q: What will happen in the event that St. Philip Neri is forced to close and/or if a state-wide school closure occurs?

In the event that we must close our campus, students will engage in full distance learning.  We use the term distance learning in lieu of technology-specific terms such as “e-learning” or “online classes” because we believe that meaningful distance learning:

Promotes student engagement through daily learning opportunities for authentic learning experiences across all disciplines

Maintains connections between students, teachers, and the St. Philip Neri community 

Consists of differentiated instruction for all types of learners

Incorporates multiple forms of assessment to monitor student progress

Q: Can students/families opt for full distance learning?

Yes. Teachers will be trained on how to best support students who are uncomfortable with or unable to attend class on campus when it reopens.  Please contact Mrs. Daley at if you would like to switch to distance learning full-time

Q: What will assignment submission be like?

Students will submit assignments online while on campus or distance learning to minimize contact. This may include the use of Google folders, forms, emails, etc.

Q: Will students be expected to wear uniforms for online learning?

Yes.  Students will be expected to be in a dedicated workspace, have their cameras on, and be in uniform shirt during class instruction time.

Q: Are half days being considered so students do not have to eat lunch here?

No.  In order to ensure that all classes are able to cover the entirety of their curriculum, more class time is needed than a half day schedule can provide.

Q: Will you split groups of students alphabetically?  By grades?

We are currently researching the optimal way to split the student body to give each student an equal opportunity to attend in-person instruction if the number in the classroom is above a certain number.  Accommodations will be made to ensure siblings are not split.

Q: What are the expectations for teacher's response to emails?

Teachers will respond to all student and parent emails within 24 hours on weekdays.