Alert St. Philip Neri Campus will be limited to faculty, staff, students and essential visitors (deliveries, service vendors) only. Thank you for adhering to these new COVID-19 guidelines. Now Enrolling for 2021-2022!

Student Experience & Engagement

Q: How will St. Philip Neri maintain its faith-based sense of community?

We will remain committed to our Catholic Identity through opportunity for prayer at the beginning of each day, and each class. Our faculty will continue to provide prayer services, retreats and/or liturgies in accordance with social distancing and keeping our students safe.  We will continue to support our students in creative ways to serve others. 

Q: Will clubs and other extracurricular activities take place this year?

We would love to have the opportunity for students to explore their interests and passions on campus at St. Philip Neri.  We are working to allow for clubs and extracurricular activities to have allocated time in the weekly schedule for online meetings.  When it is safe for these groups to meet in person we will make accommodations for them to do so. 

Q: When will a decision be made for our Fall sport of Soccer?

At this time the Archdiocese with the guidance of the CDC and the state has cancelled the Fall Soccer Program. The Archdiocese of Baltimore Soccer Program (ABSP) is for children entering 2nd-8th grade. For those of you who have a child in prek, kindergarten or first grader, our intramural program will not begin until we have a decision from the board, the Archdiocese and the county.  We are the only Anne Arundel county parish who participates in the league. Most parishes are in Baltimore County and City.  The ABSP are waiting as long as possible to decide on whether to have the league or not. If we have a season, we will do our best to move things along quickly. If the ABSP decides not to have a season, we'll consider doing something small on SPN grounds ONLY if we are permitted to do so by the Archdiocese and the county.  We will keep you informed on Fall Soccer when more details are provided to the school.

Q: What support will be in place to help students, especially those new to St. Philip Neri acclimate? We are planning orientations for our new families to our school.  Ms. Amy Boyd, our Admissions Director, will be sending out a document with valuable information for our new families.  She will also set up a time to meet by ZOOM if you have additional questions for her!  She will be sending an email to the new families with the document and ZOOM time within the week.

Q: What considerations are being made for student events - Linthicum Fair, Halloweeen, etc?

All school wide events will be made virtual until physical distancing mandates loosen.  We understand the importance of events and will do our best to ensure that all still take place, virtually, to boost student morale. 

Q: How will band, chorus, drama and the arts adapt to distance learning?

We know that the Performing and Visual arts are an integral part of the St. Philip Neri experience.  The faculty are working diligently to prepare and accommodate for both distance and on campus learning as best they can.

The Instrumental Music Department will continue to offer lessons.  KATE???  Physical distancing protocols, as directed by local and state health departments, will be followed for student performers and good instrument hygiene will be practiced and enforced. 

Q: How will student pictures be taken?

Additional details on picture taking day are forthcoming.