We have fundraisers that help our school!  

  • Gift Wrap Sales
  • Scrip Sales
  • Box Tops for Education 
  • Candy Sales
  • Race for Education

Gift Wrap Sales - Fall Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser is actually three fundraisers combined.  They are n the fall three fundraisers are run, they are Mixed Bag, Charleston Wrap and Kringle Candles.  Packets are sent home to the parents and the parents return the order forms along with the payment to the office. The money raised from this fundraiser goes directly to keep tuition cost lower. 

Delivery for Kringle Candles is November 8, 2016.

Delivery for Charleston Wrap is November 11, 2016.

Scrip Sales - All Year

SCRIP is an incredible fundraising tool for our school! You earn money for St. Philip Neri just by using gift cards to pay for your everyday purchases. Our school buys the cards at a discount and re-sells them to families for full face value. The discount – some up to 20% - is then rebated back to the school. It’s that easy!

SCRIP is a popular fundraiser because you don’t have to actually sell anything! When you purchase SCRIP, you are purchasing gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use SCRIP to purchase everyday expenses like gas, groceries, and other essentials. You earn money for our school and your family with every purchase!

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Joetta Sterrett at

Box Tops for Education - All Year


Box Tops Clips – these are found on hundreds of product packages and are worth $.10 for your school.   See this comprehensive list to find BOX TOPS:

Box Tops For Education Products

All you need to do is send them to school before they expire!

Mrs. Jones is our coordinator on this effort!  Please contact her at  Volunteers are needed to cut and trim the collected box tops before sending to the distributor.

Candy Sales - Winter Fundraiser

Our Winter Fundraiser is the Chocolate Candy fundraiser.  One box of chocolates is distributed to each family to be sold.  We have extra boxes in the office for the families who can sell more!  The money raised from this fundraiser goes directly to keep tuition cost lower.  

Race For Education - Spring Fundraiser

Our Spring Fundraiser is the Race for Education. This a fun fundraiser for the children to run around the parking lot.  All that is needed for this fundraiser is names and addresses to mail to family, friends and businesses to sponsor your child and the school sends out everything.  The money raised for this fundraiser goes to keep our technology up-to-date.