Clubs & Activities

Technology Club 

Fourth through eighth grade students work on creative technical projects including Digital Photography & Photo Editing, Computer Games, Computer Animation, Digital music, Lego Mindstorm Robotics, creating a 3D printer, and much more. Each year in the Spring, students attend Robot Fest at the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum and demonstrate their 3D projects and robots. Members meet every Wednesday after school from 3:00 - 4:15. Session I is October- January. Session II is January-May. Space in this club is limited. There is a cost associated.

Contact is Mr. Phil Lathroum at

Student Council

The purpose of the St. Philip Neri School Student Council is to give students the opportunity to voice their concerns and resolutions of conflicts fostering the development of future citizens. This organization exists to provide opportunities to develop and exhibit leadership qualities in the student body as well as to provide students with opportunities of closer cooperation between the student body, the faculty and the administration.   At all times, members of this organization are expected to promote an increase in school loyalty and spirit through example and attitude. The council is also expected to coordinate spiritual, social and service opportunities for the student body.”  This club runs all year.


Mrs. Christy Crawford at
Ms. Cheryl Trzcinski at  

Ambassador Club

The main goal of the SPN Ambassador Club is to inform the surrounding community about the school in hopes to recruit new students.  Ambassadors are responsible for promoting a positive image of SPN through their good behavior and attitude at all times, particularly during school visits, presentations, tours and other recruitment activities.  Participation in the Club allows members to enhance their public relations and speaking skills.

Contact is Mrs. Sue Wenzlick at

Safety Program

This opportunity is available for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. A safety officer ensures a smooth parking lot routine each
afternoon.  Positive behavior, good citizenship, and being a role model to other students, etc. are requirements of these students. Each year, there is a blessing ceremony at the start of the school year.

AAA School Safety Patrol student candidates will be selected on the following values and will be expected to maintain these values throughout the year in order to remain on the safety patrol.

  • Ability to follow rules
  • Good attendance record
  • Good academic standing
  • Good judgment
  • Respect for adults and classmates
  • Desire to help others

Contact is Ms. Summer Liberto at

Garden Club

Seventh and eighth grade students care for the grounds’ gardens. In Fall and Spring, students plant for the season, as well as clean and maintain the gardens for that season. For a student to complete their requirements as a member of the Gardening Club, they must both spring and fall gardening sessions.  Students start in the spring of 7th grade and continue to the fall planting as 8th graders. This completes their cycle. Garden club has 3 gardens: the student memorial garden in the front, the side flower garden by the side entrance to school, and the veggie/herb garden in the back by the kitchen.


Mrs. Francine Meeks at 
Ms. Sandy Libby at

Hiking Club

This year, the club meets once a month from January through April. The students are divided in half for the hikes, and hikes are scheduled on the second or third weeks of the month.  Previous hike locales include Patapsco Valley State Park, Rockburn Branch Park, and parts of the Appalachian Trail.  In May, as a culminating activity, the club will take a weekend dayhike on the Appalachian Trail. As a member, students learn about what to bring on a hike, trail etiquette, how to treat/prevent/identify hypothermia, and how to behave around wild animals. The students enjoy being in, and exploring, nature.


Mrs. Jenny Bowser at
Mrs. Caryn Hamlin at

Morning Fitness Stations

The SPN gym is open to students in grades 3-8 as soon as the school doors open.  Students have the opportunity to complete 5 stations spending two minutes at each.  Students work in a group of four giving them the opportunity to be active, socialize, compete, and get stronger.  Stations change periodically to develop new strengths and skills.  Current stations are; jump rope, push up, squat, Turkish get-up), and wall ball/deadlift.  Students have been taught each station in PE class and understand that the #1 goal of strength training is to avoid injury, and the second goal is to get stronger.  During stations we train strength because through strength we gain endurance, but not vice versa.

Check out more Physical Education information at Mr. Bateman's website at:

Contact is Mr. Travis Bateman at

Math Olympiad

Middle School girls are invited to participate in the Math Olympiad competition at The Catholic High School.  Girls compete in timed events testing out their math skills.  This is a group competition.  This event is usually held in the Fall.

Contact is Mrs. Christy Crawford at

National Junior Honor Society

Students are invited to join the NJHS.  Some criteria the students have to maintain an average GPA of a B+ or higher and must have a G or O in conduct and effort.  All students who qualify receive a letter of acceptance and must fill out an application stating that they have the qualities of the five pillars which are citizenship, scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

Contacts are:

Mrs. Luz Morales at
Mrs. Caryn Hamlin at

Science Explorers

Students in grades 1-5 enjoy favorite hands-on science activities!  More information about this program can be found on the Science Explorers website at

Friday afternoons from 3:05 - 4:05 p.m.

Contact is Ms. Joan Brooks at